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Happy Monday babes!

We are going to start your week off right by offering some encouragement! I think everyone can agree that owning your own business is hard work. It takes guts, confidence in yourself, and continuous energizer bunny energy to keep this crazy thing working. These are things that don't come natural to either of us, and we're guessing all 3 of those traits don't come natural to you either! (If they do, we need your secret!) There are days when it gets hard and you just need that whisper in your ear to keep going. Those are the days we are SO thankful for our network of women business owners and friends that offer encouragement and push you farther than you even thought possible.

As hard as it is to put yourself out there sometimes, we have found more often than not that some of the best support systems are so much closer than you thought! In a world full of women who want to put others down for whatever reason, we firmly believe we all can benefit from supporting, encouraging, and cheering each other on. After all, it is so much sweeter to celebrate your little (or big) victories with other ladies that know the struggle and can really appreciate your accomplishments! 

We wanted to take this week to send a huge THANK YOU to all the ladies that have supported us, encouraged us, and inspire us to keep going! You all rule and we are thankful to have a support system near and far that we can grow with and learn from! 


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