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Happy Monday Babes!


It’s Sara writing to ya today! I’m sharing with you how/what to pack for a vacay! It’s now vacation season and how many of you have been personally victimized by under/over packing? Well not on my watch, ladies! I have some tricks and treats on how to manage to bring everything you need on your next getaway.

I’m showing you how I packed for a 2 week trip to Europe! We are on our last few days of being here and I can’t even describe how amazing it is! What I can describe is how ticked off my husband would have been if he was having had to haul around my over-packed suitcase everywhere we go. Before we crossed the pond I heard the words no serial over-packer wants to hear while preparing for a trip “only pack a carry-on,” says my husband. We’ll I’m here to tell you that I did not do that (I’m not a wizard, ok?) But, I did get 2 weeks of fabulous outfits nicely packed into a small checked bag. Here’s how I did it.

PLAN – I can’t stress this enough. The first key to not over packing is to be aware of what you will be doing on your vacation! If you know you will only be hiking and sight seeing, you don’t need 5 party dresses + heels. Also be prepared for what the weather could be. 

Run Through Your Outfits – I do this every time I travel.  Try on the entire outfit before you pack it. See how you feel in it, does everything actually go together? Can I mix and match these pieces with other pants/dresses/shoes to make another outfit? I always pack a jean, a black legging, and a neutral jacket/sweater that I know will go with everything else I pack so I can make many outfits with about 6 pieces. Then take a photo! So you don’t forget what outfits you put together.

Roll, Baby, Roll. – Now that I know what outfits I’m packing, take things that wrinkle easily and ROLL THEM UP! Don’t fold. I repeat, do not fold. It decreases wrinkles, which means its less likely that you will need to pack a steamer or god forbid actually have to iron something when you get to where you are going!

For Your Carry On– I know I didn’t want to pack everything on a carry on, but it isn’t a bad idea to pack some things in a carry on. I always take a change of clothes and my travel sized toiletries in my carry on bag. The easiest way to ruin a trip is to lose your luggage. What’s even worse than that? Being stuck in the same travel clothes and make up until you can get your hands on some fresh clothes. So an easy way to avoid that is to pack a light change of clothes and some items to freshen up your face if that does happen!

Do you have any epic travel failures? What’s one thing you always pack when going on a trip? Let us know below!

Have A Merry Little Monday!

xo Sara

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