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// Hometown Hottie: Allie Welch & the Midwest Mindset

Posted by Olivia Harbutz on

Happy Monday!

This week we wanted to touch on our latest t-shirt design, our Midwest Mindset Tee. For this design we colloborated with one of our dear friends, Allie Welch. She is a masterful graphic designer and knew should would be a fantastic creative to help bring our vision to a reality.

For this t-shirt we really wanted a fun, semi-retro/vintage feel. Allie was able ot take our broad ideal and simplifiy it down to exactly what we couldn't put into words.

We decided to go with the light blue tee mixed with the summer yellow font to make it stand out more and add a little funk to our previous neutral t-shirts.


Now for the awesome phrase: " Midwest Mindset "

For awhile now we have been brainstorming how to reach out and appeal to others not just locally here in Kansas AND how to have a unique design to call 100% our own. With just a few sessions with Allie...BAM...the "Midwest Mindset" was born. (Copyright pending ;))


What is the Midwest Mindset to us?

- Community over competition

- A relaxed way of life

- Hardwork ethic

- Loving thy neighbor

- Enjoying life

- Appreciation for living in the moment


Our girl Allie also gave our packaging a nice little facelift - this girl just gets us. Never have we visually clicked with someone so fast! She instantly ran with our aesthetic and made the entire design process SO FUN!


To see more of Allie's kick-butt creativeness click here to see her amazing website and projects.


Here's to the start of a wonderful week, have a Merry Little Monday!


xx Liv & Sara



*Shout out to GOEX for the amazing t-shirt quality!*

For more about the company we partner with to produce our unique line of tees click here .

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